The Opportunity Project Reintroduces Data Access

On November 29, 2017 from 10am-3pm MST, the US Census Bureau will introduce 12 additions to their growing collection of tools that aim to make data accessible to the public. These tools address issues including locating nearby affordable housing, jobs, schools, and mental health services. Learn more about the program and new tools or watch the livestream here.

"The Opportunity Project catalyzes the creation of new digital tools that use federal and local data to provide families, local leaders, and businesses with information about critical resources, such as jobs, affordable housing, quality schools, and transportation. By providing easy access to curated federal and local datasets at and facilitating collaboration between technologists, issue experts, and local leaders, The Opportunity Project is transforming government data into digital tools that create more thriving communities and help people solve problems in their everyday lives." - Read more.

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