"You Don't Have to Live Here"

From FrameWorks Institute and Enterprise - "There is a general difficulty among the public to see housing as an issue that requires greater attention from policymakers, and people struggle to see the connection between housing, equity, and inclusive communities. To the extent that public support is necessary to enact policies and establish programs that promote equity and inclusion, advocates face an uphill battle.

In this paper, we lay out the challenges that advocates face and use new research conducted by the FrameWorks Institute to put forward evidence-based messaging recommendations that can be used to advance a strong affordable housing and community development agenda. Our goal is to equip housing and community development advocates with evidence about which messages work (and which don’t) as well as to use communications to expand the public discourse on housing issues – ostensibly paving the way for real and lasting systems change."

Download and read the full report from Enterprise here.

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