“I was told they needed a dishwasher Monday through Friday. I said `OK, I have experience and availability,’ ” Barton said. But “as he reached for a job application, I honestly told him I’m homeless. He told me, `no,’ he would not hire me three times to my face. Not ev...

The full report can found on Metro Denver Homeless Initiative's website at: www.mdhi.org/pit_reports

Sometimes it's easiest to show rather than tell.  LiveAffordablyColorado.org has many guides and brochures available to help support affordable living.  Check them out here.

As the only European country to see a decline in its homelessness rate, Finland has a unique perspective in the race to end homelessness.  By prioritizing a Housing First strategy, they have been able to move past reacting to existing homelessness to focus on preventin...

"According to the 2016 ReThink: Why Housing Matters Survey, the majority of Americans (84 percent) believe U.S. citizens deserve a safe and decent place to live, yet most (65 percent) do not support public and affordable housing communities in their own neighborhoods."...

"It starts with housing: 8.3 million renter households spent more than half their income on housing, lived in severely substandard housing, or both in 2015. And more than half of households that receive federal rental subsidies are headed by disabled people or older Am...

From FrameWorks Institute and Enterprise -  "There is a general difficulty among the public to see housing as an issue that requires greater attention from policymakers, and people struggle to see the connection between housing, equity, and inclusive communities. To th...

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