Sometimes it's easiest to show rather than tell. has many guides and brochures available to help support affordable living.  Check them out here.

The costs of homeownership are paying off in Jefferson County, but renters are seeing increasing rents and fewer affordable options.

As the only European country to see a decline in its homelessness rate, Finland has a unique perspective in the race to end homelessness.  By prioritizing a Housing First strategy, they have been able to move past reacting to existing homelessness to focus on preventin...

Opened in early October, 2017, the 40 West Residences are already seeing great success for the new residents.

"'I’ve been trying to (get off the streets) for four years, and 40 West was the one that gave me an opportunity,' he said. 'The program that they have is so bea...

"According to the 2016 ReThink: Why Housing Matters Survey, the majority of Americans (84 percent) believe U.S. citizens deserve a safe and decent place to live, yet most (65 percent) do not support public and affordable housing communities in their own neighborhoods."...

"I need a home address to get a job.  I need a job to afford a home!!!"

"Quality affordable housing means less crime."

"I want to be able to live where I work!"

"More than half my monthly income goes to rent."

"I'm a veteran.  I truly appreciate housing for me and my child...

On November 29, 2017 from 10am-3pm MST, the US Census Bureau will introduce 12 additions to their growing collection of tools that aim to make data accessible to the public.  These tools address issues including locating nearby affordable housing, jobs, schools, and me...

In order to afford a 1-bedroom rental home at Fair Market Rent in Jefferson County while spending less than 30% of your household income, you'd need to earn $19.83 an hour.  For a 2-bedroom, that number bumps up to $25.10 an hour.  Colorado's minimum wage is currently...

"The 60-unit affordable housing complex, '40 West Residences'... will house twenty-five homeless vets while the other thirty-five units are for people who earn low to moderate incomes.  Residents... will also be paired with services from Jefferson Center for Mental Hea... - "This was the initial research put together at the launch of the Live Affordably campaign. In this edition, we explored housing challenges across the state, real-life success stories from affordable housing residents, our current funding r...

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